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A Kingdom Opportunity

"It is true that a church is a group of Spirit-filled people, not a building. However, from the start, physical spaces have helped the church nurture faith and help Christians care for each other. Early churches met in homes—usually larger homes with courtyard spaces and rooms to host regular gatherings and shared meals. Accessible, comfortable, and safe space matters. (Think about Eutychus in Acts 20:7-12. He may have benefitted from a safer meeting space!)


OCV has never emphasized buildings, but we have emphasized things like worship, teaching, hospitality, and providing a safe and fun environment where children can learn. As the church has grown, the amount of effort needed to care for and simply make room for each of these activities has increased.


We think God may be opening the door to a new opportunity for community engagement and stability that communicates our long-term vision for our community and gives us the ability to shift our attention from weekly set up to cultivating space for prayer, worship, teaching, and community engagement."

Click the button below to read the complete letter from Charlie Cotherman on OCV's vision for this space.

Your Help and Support is Needed

OCV is asking for donations and regular tithing for financial support to make this vision a possibility. Designate any payments for the "Opportunity Fund" to give specifically for the purpose of funding a home for OCV.

OCV Entry - 07.14.2023.png

3D Rendering of the building entrance

Entrance Interior Rendering

3D overview of building layout

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